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Hood River Plein Air Watercolor Workshop for beginners and intermediates

Explore plein air watercolor techniques with two seasoned instructors, Rick Wheeler and Chas Martin. Through demonstration, informal instruction and a good deal of one-on-one interaction, they’ll share insights for capturing the moment. By comparing their different techniques, you will see your own style emerge. Learn to control the immediacy of the medium for a fresh, spontaneous impression. Beginners will learn to control value and temperature. More advanced painters can focus on specific painting challenges.

They will address drawing fundamentals of creating the illusion of 3-dimensional space on a 2-dimensional surface. These include using perspective to create the illusion of depth and atmosphere (both linear and atmospheric), and the art of creating light and shadow into a 3-dimensional form. Other topics will include color mixing, pigment and paper choices, types of brushes and managing moisture content of the paper to achieve a successful watercolor painting. Some discussion at the talk and demo will also cover when and if interpretive and/or expressive painting is a desirable approach.

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When:  Sessions are scheduled individually or for small groups depending on the time of year, weather and location of the participants. These are highly individualized and focus on the needs of the participants.
Bring:  Watercolors, paper, brushes, lunch, munchies and drinks.
Wear:  Prepare for sun, wind, cool and warm temperatures.

Location: To be determined when your tour is scheduled.

Plein Air Watercolor Painting Workshops in Oregon, Washington, Pacific Northwest

Chas Martin, former Hood River resident, guides artists toward their goals with his playful and interactive style. He has been an instructor at Boston Art Institute, San Francisco Academy of Art, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. See Examples:

Award-winning artist, Rick Wheeler has spent over 30 years as an illustrator, painter, and art instructor. He enjoys a variety of media, but finds a special pleasure in outdoor watercolor painting.

See Examples: