Chas Martin - Paintings, Sculptures, Art Classes

Watercolors, acrylic paintings, sculptures and art classes

Acrylic Painting Classes:

It's easier than it looks!  You can paint this, even if you've never painted before. It's much easier than it looks if you know a few basic techniques. Learn to do these steps. You'll have a painting to be proud of in a few hours. And you'll have the basics to create more paintings.

2-Hour Class - $45 per person
One-Day Class - $175 per person
Two-Day Class - $325 per person

Each 2-hour class includes demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and one-on-one coaching. Each session is limited to about 5 painters. Larger groups welcome with prior planning. Contact us to plan a date.

"Chas has an amazing way with aspiring artists. He is patient, insightful, encouraging and able to communicate the intricacies of painting in a way that can be absorbed and understood." - Ashley Whitaker

Waterfall Painting Class Demo - Paint this in 2 - 3 hours.

Another step-by-step example of a painting that looks difficult, but is actually very easy if you have control of a few basic brush and paint mixing techniques.

Sunset Painting Class Demo - Paint this in 2 hours!