Chas Martin - Paintings, Sculptures, Art Classes

Watercolors, acrylic paintings, sculptures and art classes

Sketching and Creative Process.

This series spans sketchbooks from the past 3 months. These are grouped chronologically by subject. In reality, these streams of thought are totally intertwined. Ideas are explored, discarded, reactivated, combined, and/or left alone to simmer.

I develop and rework ideas until I feel they are ready to paint or sculpt. Sometimes a single sketch is enough.Usually, however, it can take dozens of iterations before I move forward.

 Each sketch is a "what if?" exercise. I draw, analyze and redraw, challenging myself to add, alter, remove, etc. Every "what if?" creates another possibility to be explored further.

I have a continuous flow of ideas documented in sketchbooks beginning in 1970. It's not unusual to open an old book and find an idea that fits the flow of what I'm working on now.

Visualization, or making the invisible visible, is what I love most about my work. The visualization process IS the art. The end product is just an object - a record of what happened.

Through my own work and through teaching, I find endless enjoyment in creating and responding to unpredictability.