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Create Your Spirit Guide

January 18-20, 2019

The Lowe House, Tubac, AZ

There is another spirit always present. A shadow, an angel, an intuitive voice that guides your decisions. It’s your spirit guide, your other self. And, to create it in sculptural form is to embrace its power.

REGISTER TO ATTEND in beautiful Old Town Tubac, Arizona. We will start on Friday evening for a brief welcome and introductions. The Saturday-Sunday class will focus  on variations of petroglyphs to create a dimensional form of your own spirit guide. Build gestures using simple techniques from wire. Add form and surface using paper, fabric and polymer emulsion. No previous experience is necessary. The class is a playful and interactive journey of discovery.

January 21 is Martlin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday. So, that makes this a long weekend. Come enjoy!


Dates: January 19-20  10am – 5pm  
Location: The Lowe House, Tubac, AZ
Fee: $325 includes tools and materials
10 students max.

The Historic Lowe House in Old Town, Tubac, AZ  will host this 2-day event. Accommodations for participants.

The Historic Lowe House in Old Town, Tubac, AZ will host this 2-day event. Accommodations for participants.


"Chas has creatively identified and possibly unlocked the spirit guide that lives in all of us. To get in touch with that creative force is too soar artistically." - Emil Dispenza, Sarasota, FL

“Knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly, Chas was able to help each of us find a path from wherever we started, to something interesting, unexpected, and creative. Chas’s sculpture class guided all of us - in spite of a wide range of experience with the medium (including my own zero experience!) - to expressive creations in 3D space, using a variety of materials." - Thomas V. Robertson, Vancouver, WA

“Our small group, 2-day workshop with Chas was hands-on, productive and inspiring. We are all looking forward to taking an advanced class with Chas in the near future.” - Margo Makowicki, Seattle

“Chas is a terrific instructor. Not all artists are good at what they do AND good at teaching. Chas is both. He's fun, easygoing, and generous with his knowledge.” - Terri Wanke, Portland

"Chas’s sculpture class was fun and I was amazed at what great works of art some of the group were able to accomplish in only 2 classes." -  Cari Corbet-Owen, Vancouver, WA

"Chas is a patient, generous and supportive teacher that helps translate complicated designs into 3D expressions. In our class of six, he was able to help both experienced and inexperienced sculptors express themselves in beautiful, creative pieces." - Jane Wolfe, Vancouver, WA

Chas Martin is a sculptor/painter in Portland, Oregon. His path evolved from studies of petroglyphs. Drawings and watercolors quickly became sculptural forms. Join a small group of adventurers to explore and create your own spirit guide. Martin's teaching style is both playful and enlightening. He is a former creative director whose entire career has focused on nurturing the creativity of those around him. Chas is a studio apprentice to master sculptor Martin Eichinger. He also maintains his own studio where he mentors other artists and leads classes on watercolor, acrylic and sculpture. He is a former instructor at Boston Art Institute, San Francisco Academy of Art College, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Northwest Academy and Sitka Center for Art and Ecology.