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Acrylic Painting Classes:

It's easier than it looks!  You can paint this, even if you've never painted before. It just takes a few basic techniques. Learn to do these steps. You'll have a painting to be proud of in a few hours. And you'll have the basics to create your own paintings.

2-Hour Class - $45 per person

Each 2-hour class includes demonstrations, step-by-step exercises, and individual coaching. Each session is limited to about 4 painters. Larger groups with prior planning. Contact me for special events.

"Chas has an amazing way with aspiring artists. He is patient, insightful, encouraging and able to communicate the intricacies of painting in a way that can be absorbed and understood." - Ashley Whitaker

Purchase 1-3 two-sessions. Custom classes available.

Purchase 1-3 two-sessions. Custom classes available.

Sunset Painting Class Demo - Paint this in 2 hours!