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Sculpture Classes: Create Masks and Characters in Sculpture

Beginner and Intermediate art classes for individuals and small groups

Simple techniques for quick results.

Our lives are stories filled with characters whose presence influences our actions. Creating 3-dimensional forms of these archetypes brings them into our active consciousness.

These interactive sessions guide you through concept and creation of your own character: an archetype, a pet, an angel, or imaginary form. Learn basic techniques, then create form, define gesture, and enhance the personality of your muse. This is a versatile and forgiving process using wire, dowels, cardboard, tape, layered paper and fabric to produce an amazingly rigid sculpture.

2-Hour Class - $45 per person
One-Day Class - $175 per person
Two-Day Class - $325 per person

7830 SW 40th Ave., Studio #7, Portland, OR 97219

Our small group, 2-day workshop with Chas was hands-on, productive and inspiring. We are all looking forward to taking an advanced class with Chas in the near future. - Margo Makowicki, Seattle

Chas is a terrific instructor. Not all artists are good at what they do AND good at teaching. Chas is both. He's fun, easygoing, and generous with his knowledge. - Terri Wanke, Portland

“Chas’s sculpture class guided all of us - in spite of a wide range of experience with the medium (including my own zero experience!) - to expressive creations in 3D space, using a variety of materials. Knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly, Chas was able to help each of us find a path from wherever we started, to something interesting, unexpected, and creative." - Thomas V. Robertson, Vancouver

"Chas’s sculpture class was fun and I was amazed at what great works of art some of the group were able to accomplish in only 2 classes." -  Cari Corbet-Owen, Vancouver

"Chas is a patient, generous and supportive  teacher that helps translate complicated designs into 3D expressions.  In our class of six, he was able to help both experienced and inexperienced sculptors express themselves in beautiful, creative pieces." - Jane Wolfe, Vancouver

Blue Mesa Leap - mixed media sculpture
My Three Shadows - Mixed media mask

Chas Martin's approach is fun and highly interactive. Sessions include demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and one-on-one instruction.Basic sculptural techniques quickly transform ideas into 3-dimensional characters in the studio. Learn how to visualize your muse and turn it into art.