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Wine & Watercolor at Yamhill Valley Vineyards  

Enjoy an afternoon in the vineyard. Have some lunch. Have some wine. Have some fun. All levels welcome.

The setting is inspirational. Join a small group of painters in a lively, half-day watercolor sketching session. Martin's approach is fresh, fun, and highly interactive. Learn to express yourself confidently with spontaneous strokes. Class includes demos and one-on-one coaching. 

Sunday, June 24 -12pm - 4pm
$175 per person
Includes lunch/tasting
Arrive early!

Learn to take advantage of the freshness and immediacy of watercolor. Martin promotes a playful and positive attitude. Bring your imagination and a willingness to explore.  

"By the end of a short series of painting sessions with Chas, pieces of the 'how-to' puzzle began congealing for me. He made it fun and non-threatening all along. I later realized the cumulative process that had developed and was pleased at my progress. I learned several new techniques and thoroughly enjoyed his shared thought process while painting side by side. Great experience! I look forward to more soon."  

-- Elisa Mills, Portland, OR

7830 SW 40th Ave., Studio #7, Portland, OR 97219

Questions Welcome.