Chas Martin Art

sculpture - painting - mentorship

Night Passage - 14x20" watercolor on paper

Night Passage - 14x20" watercolor on paper

If art is a path of discovery,
artwork is a record of the mindful journey.

Technology touches us everywhere. Mostly it alters our balance. Visualization is the first step toward realization – toward recovering balance and our true path.

Visualization precedes reality. Concepts shape perception.

My work has always been concept driven. Images that attract me come from books, dreams, conversation, meditation and a mashup of synchronous experiences throughout my day.

My paintings, sculptures and masks are inspired by primal symbols, petroglyphs, dreams and by questioning everything around me. Everything! I explore archetypal characters and symbolic situations. These are part of a continuous visualization/realization of my own mythology. I don't know where it leads. It’s a meditative state where I live in wonder.

My explorations include sketches, wire forms, clay, photos, manipulation of photos, more sketches, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, collage, assemblage and sculpture. Exploration on so many levels turns visualization into realization. I love living, breathing, manipulating and becoming the image as it draws my energy from the concept through reality.