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Visualization to Realization Mentorship



That great idea in your head is limited because no one else can see it.

Visualization is the art of seeing and clarifying the image in your mind’s eye, then developing it into something tangible. It may begin as a sketch, a painting, or clay model. The starting point is up to you.

Visualization to Realization is a mentorship program to guide you through the process. It involves constant exploration and experimentation to examine possibilities. Each choice you make brings you closer to your desired outcome.

Want to learn how to develop ideas into reality? I work with a individuals in one-on-one sessions. The schedule is flexible. The end result is driven by your commitment to develop and achieve your idea. It's visual. It's personal. It's your journey. I'm your guide. Clarify your vision and realize it!

Contact me.  Fee: $225 for three 2-hour sessions includes materials.

"This workshop totally stirred my creative energy and used concepts both new and familiar to inspire me 'from visualization to realization.' Chas is natural in the role of artist-sage-guide, and uses targeted inquiry and stories from his own artistic journey as guideposts for each to find their own path."  -  Al Polito