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Studio Art Classes for Watercolor Painters

Beginner and Intermediate watercolor classes

Have fun learning watercolor painting! Build confidence and gain control in these lively, encouraging studio sessions. Martin's approach is fresh and highly interactive. Learn to express yourself confidently with spontaneous strokes. Classes include demos, hands-on exercises, and one-on-one coaching. Session is limited to about 3 painters. Larger groups welcome with prior planning. Contact me to discuss.

2-Hour Studio Classes - $45 per person
Full-Day studio Classes - $175 per person
Two-Day Studio Class - $325 per person

Build Skills. Have Fun. See results. Learn individual techniques. Combine them as you build confidence. Learn to take advantage of the freshness and immediacy of watercolor. Martin promotes a playful and positive attitude. Bring your imagination and a willingness to explore.  

"By the end of a short series of painting sessions with Chas, pieces of the 'how-to' puzzle began congealing for me. He made it fun and non-threatening all along. I later realized the cumulative process that had developed and was pleased at my progress. I learned several new techniques and thoroughly enjoyed his shared thought process while painting side by side. Great experience! I look forward to more soon."  

-- Elisa Mills, Portland, OR

7830 SW 40th Ave., Studio #7, Portland, OR 97219

Questions Welcome.