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Waiting for Del Toro

Chas Martin
Waiting for Guillermo del Toro

I’ve never written a novel, a film script or anything longer than a 20-minute tutorial. But, I have a hundred film titles and first lines. Maybe 3 hundred titles for novels with the first few sentences.

“Waiting for Del Toro” is one that has been in my head for a while. It’s not a film or a novel. It turned into a sculpture which is no small commitment of time. I’ve read Guillermo del Toro’sCabinet of Curiosities” which seemed like a place I’ve been before. I have seen several of his films and appreciate his sense of mythology and mystery. His imagination and his ability to convert ideas into grand visuals is unequaled. I don’t share his fascination with monsters, but lean more toward to more benevolent archetypes.

But, somewhere along the way, I decided to have some fun with my own interpretation of the Del Toro mystic and/or what his imagination must be like. I’m sure it is fertile ground.

This piece is both consistent and significantly different from most of my work, depending on how you see it. Regardless, it was fun to create and to imagine it as part of Guillemero del Toro’s art collection someday.